Digital Political HistoryObama for America

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Fight for LGBT RightsHuman Rights Campaign

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Re-Launched 100-Year-Old Magazine for Today's Digital LandscapeThe New Republic

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Broke Through the Mud Racing MarketMuckFest MS

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Elected Massachusetts' First Female SenatorElizabeth Warren

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Results That Matter


BPI helped the Terry McAuliffe campaign leverage digital in a sophisticated way.

Through a well-executed digital media program, BPI was able to segment messaging at the DMA and zip code level, which made a huge difference in a state that has a wide variance of voter profiles. We also created a targeted persuasion media plan using Google's platform and generated creative for specific audience demographics.

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BPI helped transform a traditional academic report into a user-friendly interactive application – increasing user engagement with the report's content and expanding its reach to important new audiences.

BPI's advertisements increased brand awareness for the Foundation and its work among key audiences – including healthcare elites and government employees at the local, state, and federal level – most of whom would have never come across the report’s information otherwise.

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BPI oversaw the Marty Walsh campaign's digital strategy every step of the way.

BPI joined the Marty Walsh for Mayor campaign on day one, overseeing the campaign's online communications and fundraising efforts. From the mass email program to social graphics, digital rapid response to online advertising, we helped Walsh distinguish himself online during a crowded 12-person preliminary and reach key persuadable audiences during his underdog general election campaign.

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Our Services


We win elections, build movements, raise money and structure digital teams. The core of any BPI engagement is a strategic vision.


We start with your audience and build the content they would like to experience.


We help your content find the right audience. And not only do we have the tools to find who you are looking for, but we match the message to the medium.


We are not just interested in measuring something after the fact. Rather our goal is to measure everything in real time, which allows us to optimize communications every step of the way.

In The News

10 September 2014

On Facebook, Nobody Knows You’re a Voter. Well, Almost Nobody.

Campaign managers have been wanting to reach potential supporters through social networks. When Mr. McAuliffe’s campaign conducted focus groups with voters before his election, we heard over and over that they got the majority of their political information from Facebook, said Alex Kellner, the campaign¹s digital director and now a director at Bully Pulpit Interactive, a Democratic consultancy.

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22 August 2014

Democrats, Republicans go after data-driven TV ads that know — like, really know – voters

“We’re not buying television shows anymore. We’re buying lists of people. We don’t really care about what program you’re watching,” said Andrew Bleeker, president of Bully Pulpit Interactive and who ran online marketing for the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns. “This is one of the few things where political is really driving corporate in a really interesting way.”
One reason? There’s a great deal of money and power at stake.

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04 August 2014

An unlikely survivor in the digital age: Direct mail

But Andrew Bleeker, founder of Bully Pulpit Interactive — a major Democratic digital firm — pointed out the biggest drawback of direct mail compared with digital. “When you send a mail piece, you don’t know if they are reading it. With digital, we can now know if they saw an online ad.” Bleeker and direct mail consultants both agreed that “smart campaigns” with big war chests are using a mix of tools – including both mail and digital – to target and communicate with voters in a much more sophisticated way than ever before.

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28 July 2014

Why Nike’s Derek Jeter ad went viral

There is no viral button on the Internet. (While I’ve always wondered what the F6 button does on a Mac, I don’t think it helps a brand garner millions of video views).
That said, there are many ways a digital campaign can be structured to encourage social sharing and engagement and go viral.

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