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Every organization seeks a bully pulpit. We are just the modern version. We use the tools of modern media and the tactics of the greatest recent political victories to help you communicate. Whether you run for office, steer a company, or chair a foundation, the public now has an undeniable seat at the table. Many leaders are afraid of this. Don't be. Make people part of your team. Make them your advocates. Make them your champions. Let us show you how. We sit at the intersection of political and corporate. While our political mentality keeps us fast and lean, our corporate experience keeps us on the cutting edge and allows us to constantly innovate, not just once every four years. We sit at the nexus of persuasion and direct response. From top to bottom, we are analysts – constantly testing and optimizing. But tactics without a message are never enough. We pride ourselves at also being master storytellers and we use data to help us shape the most compelling and credible narratives. We serve some of the biggest names in the non-profit, corporate, and political arenas – at home and around the world. We are always looking for the next challenge. If this sounds interesting, please consider joining our team or seeing what BPI can do for you.

Bully Pulpit Interactive (BPI) is a communications, marketing and advertising agency. We tackle the biggest problems in both the private and public sectors – from electing Presidents and Prime Ministers to supporting FORTUNE 100 companies to advising complex philanthropic initiatives. In doing so, we combine the targeting and analytics of politics with the creative muscle of Madison Avenue. At BPI, we believe that everyone should be able to think big and get it done. And we never doubt that a small group of thoughtful individuals can change the world.

Many of the most expensive campaigns in market are simply tactics in search of a strategy. Tell us your goal and we can build you a campaign to get there. From winning elections, to building movements, raising funds, or even structuring whole digital teams, the core of any BPI engagement is a strategic vision.


We like to say that BPI started as an advertising agency and became a marketing firm. The reason: media changed. No longer are there walls between the silos of paid, earned, owned, and shared media. There is simply media. And with increasing clutter and choices, what separates successful media from the pack is engaging content. In a world where we can no longer simply blast messages at people through 30 second spots, people now need to decide to come to us. We start with your audience and build the content they would actually like to experience.


Even the best message needs a helping hand. We help your content find its right audience. And not only do we have the tools to find just who you are looking for, but we match the message to the medium. By customizing the type of units, location, sequence and frequency, we maximize engagement and efficiency. We also believe that analytics doesn’t work unless you apply it. We take your program from analysis to insight to implementation to results.


We believe that if you can't measure it, it doesn’t exist. That was how we were taught in politics and the same accountability has remained a hallmark of our work. And we are not just interested in measuring something after the fact. Rather our goal is to measure everything in real time, allowing us to actually optimize communications every step of the way.

Our History


Makes Political History

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Presidential Inauguration

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Bully Pulpit Interactive Founded

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Affordable Care Act Drafted into Law

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Makes History Abroad

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BPI Grows & Adds Two Partners

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Rahm Emanuel Elected Mayor

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BPI Launches OFA 2012 Re-Election

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Does Anyone Doubt Climate Change?

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2 Legit 2 Quit: Ed Lee Elected in San Francisco

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Precision Network Launched

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Cancer Survivors Make History

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2012 Election: A Winning Slate

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Analytics Media Group Formed

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BPI Opens New Office In Washington, DC

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Emily's List: The Madame President Campaign

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Monumental Day for Equality

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NY State Dems Re-Launched

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BPI Opens a New York Office

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2013 Elections: Another Clean Sweep

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BPI Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

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BPI Opens Expanded NYC Office

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Tim Lim Joins BPI As A Partner

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BPI Produces TV Ads for U.S. Census

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BPI Launches Vantage Platform

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